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Throughout our 32 year history IL FORNAIO has always placed a great deal of emphasis upon respect for staff, customers and local communities, such values have been ingrained in our culture and are key to our success story.

Our business is centred upon the principle of excellence and our overall objective is:

“The dedication of providing the best quality, value and service to meet our customers’ needs”

To achieve this we adhere to the following:

  • Promotion of growth and development
  • Exceeding our customers’ expectations
  • Determination to succeed
  • Operating with honesty and integrity
  • Ensuring the best possible job security, conditions and rewards

IL FORNAIO has a number of employee benefit schemes in which have been introduced to both, inspire and reward our loyal work force.

Training and development

IL FORNAIO focuses on appropriate training and evolution of staff, we supply a range of development solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our corporate strategic plan with all staff given access to training. We emphasise on improvement towards a multi skilled workforce and an increasing level of importance goes towards customer service.

Health and safety

The safety and wellbeing of staff and customers Is of prime importance to IL FORNAIO, our philosophy is to be proactive in the field of health and safety and act upon prevention not cure. All members of staff are trained on matters of health and safety as a part of their induction process and receive on going on the job training.
IL FORNAIO has also drawn up a comprehensive health and safety policy and system of risk assessments. Risk management groups meet quarterly and consist of senior executives from each division of the business. This provides a forum for reviewing levels of risk and the controls that are required to deal with them, food safety and environmental issues also play an integral part of these meetings.

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